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Permco P124 Series Pump/Motor are a heavy-duty sleeve bushing design in a small frame size. These units are built to withstand working pressure up to 3500 PSI. Internal cubic inch displacements from 0.62” through 2.48”. The 124 series Pump/Motor can handle speeds up to 3000 RPM and produce flows up to 30 GPM. Their housings are doweled to withstand higher pressures and are built using high strength cast iron construction. The internals consist of high strength alloy steel gear and shaft sets. Porting options consist of NPT, ORB, and Split Flange ports. Both single inlet/single outlets and single inlet/dual outlet bearing carriers are available. Also, the pressure balanced wear plates maintain high pump efficiency throughout all operating ranges. The 124 is available as a clutch pump and as a fan motor.

Technical Specs

Pumps in this series

P124A082AIZA10-85 P124A082AKZA05-85 P124A082AKZA12-24 P124A082KQZA05-86
P124A082TCZA20-85 P124A082TPZA07-86 P124A085EFZA15-55 P124A085NLZA17-54
P124A085NLZA20-54 P124A085TMZA20-54 P124A085TPZA15-54 P124A182MTZA17-24
P124A185BTZA15-54 P124B082EVZA10-55LQZA05-1 P124B082EVZA20-55JPZA10-1 P124B082NIZA17-54BKZA15-1
P124B082OMZA12-85JPZA07-1 P124B085AHZA10-55SFZA05-1 P124B085AHZA15-54SFZA05-1 P124B085AHZA15-55SFZA05-1
P124B085AHZA20-54LFZA05-1 P124B085AHZA20-54SFZA15-1LAZA05-1LAZA05-4 P124B085EAZA15-55JNZA15-1 P124B085EFZA17-54JPZA15-1
P124B085EVZA15-54LMZA07-1 P124B085ODZA05-54JPZA05-1JPZA05-1 P124B085ODZA15-54JPZA15-1 P124B085ODZA17-55XLJPZA05-1
P124B182EVZA10-55LQZA05-1 P124B185MOZA15-55PJZA07-1 P124B085EWZA17-54LQZA10-1 P124B182VEZA10-55QLZA05-1
P124A182LZZA10-86 P124A082AIZA05-55 P124A185BTZA12-54 P124A078TBZA11-45
M124A882UMDA10-24 M124A885UMDA12-55 M124A882UQDA17-54 M124A885UQDA15-54
M124A885UQDA17-54 P124A085EVZA20-54 P124B085EAZA17-54JNZA17-1 P124A185PTZA07-54
P124A085SRZA10-54 P124A078TBZA17-45 P124A182VEZA20-55 P124A185MAZA15-54
M124A882UPDA05-86 P124A082AMZA10-24 P124B082AHZA20-54SFZA20-1 P124A082TQZA07-85
P124B085AHZA10-54MFZA07-1 P124A182WEZA10-81  P124A078TBZA12-45  P124A085AMZA05-54
P124A082TPZA07-85  P124A185VEZA15-54  P124A085EAZA20-54  M124A882UQDA10-55
P124A182LZZA17-55  P124A185MTZA07-54  P124A078SRZA20-45  M124A885UMDA20-55XL
M124A882QPDA20-55 P124A085EKZA17-54 P124A182PTZA12-85 P124A085TMZA12-54
P124A082TPZA15-54 P124A182WEZA15-54  P124A185FEZA12-54 P124A085EVZA10-55
P124A082EVZA15-85 P124A082TMZA07-85 P124A082AKZA07-86 P124A085EVZA10-55

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